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We are an award-winning wildlife management and pest control company with a head office in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Humane Solutions is rated 4.9 stars (★★★★★) on Google with over 190+ reviews. Proudly serving our friends in the Okanagan, Greater Vancouver, and the Islands.

Creative, sustainable solutions for your unique situation.

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The industry standard converts wildlife conflicts into sources of recurring revenue, we aim to solve them sustainably.

Driven by Results

First and foremost, our services realize meaningful, long-lasting results. Sustainability is our by-product.

Service Excellence

Sounds cliche, but the customer really does come first. This is how we have quickly amassed the best reviews in our industry.

Industry-Leading Warranties

We are the only company we know of that guarantees against species re-entry, not just workmanship.

We are redefining and reengineering what it means to offer sustainable, effective wildlife and pest control services.

The most sustainable thing you can do is do it once.

If you have a pest or wildlife problem and are looking for a professional pest control company in BC, Canada, you can trust Humane Solutions to resolve your issue.

A New Approach to BC Pest Control and Wildlife Services

We have created a full suite of effective Wildlife Control and Pest Control Services that mitigate wildlife and pest conflict, informed by sustainability enthusiasts from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. No poison contracts here, we apply real know-how and skill.

Our team is staffed by skilled tradespeople in Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan region, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

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Ready for Results?

Humane Solutions is a highly ethical wildlife control and pest management provider that aims to provide removal services only once to be as sustainable as possible.

We provide strategic, root-cause solutions to end your pest problem at the source versus an ongoing poison contract.

Be sure to request an inspection and written estimate and follow up with us in case of any questions or concerns. We offer free quote options for non-rush jobs, and standard quotes for emergency pest management or wildlife control issues.

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How Can We Help You?

We have the best reviews in our industry. Go ahead, Google us.

“Humane Solutions humanely evicted [our squirrel problem] with a one way door that allowed them to leave but not return and then closed up the gap they had discovered."

“We are more than pleased to find [a pest control company] whose goal with wildlife is cohabitation and enhancement rather than extermination... We highly recommend their work.”

"Humane Solutions has been of service to our strata 3 times over the past few years. We have depended on them for problematic issues with squirrels accessing areas of our roofing."

We are a Canadian company trusted by Canadians.

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