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We make sustainability the by-product of good business.

Pest Control, Wildlife Management and Property Maintenance

We provide services across Western Canada, with offices in both the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan

We're your full-service, sustainable property maintenance and wildlife management company. We started off with sustainable pest control but quickly realized we were utilizing skills outside of our industry more often than not. So we have since expanded to bring our customers a cohesive set of sustainable services.

Let's Bring Sustainability to Your Property

From landscaping to pest control, we are Canada's first full-suite, sustainable property maintenance and wildlife management company.

Wildlife & Pest Control

We have established ourselves as Western Canada's leading wildlife & pest management company. From pests to predators, we have a solution for you.

Property Maintenance & Landscaping

Habitat is the number one factor when dealing with persistent wildlife or vegetation problems. We rethink and maintain your ecosystem from the gardens to the green spaces.

Cleaning & Repairs

We employ a wide range of skilled tradesmen who can tackle everything from small repairs to extensive structural work. All work is pest-proof and gauranteed.

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Pest Control For Any Industry

We bring eco-friendly methods that work to your place of business. No more poison, no more weekly visits with no reported results. Our clients feel good about their environmental impact and trust that their money is being used responsibly.

Food Service Businesses
Can you really afford monthly pest control that doesn't work?
What if a customer sees an unwelcome guest?
Partner with us to manage your pest problems in a way that resonates with your clientele, and ensures they feel comfortable in your space.
Property Management
Feel good about the money you're spending.
Offer the sustainable services your clients expect.
Start getting results from your pest control provider, not excuses.
Industrial Operations
Certain species on your site can lead to shutdowns and fines.
Pests can also turn jobs sites and offices into uncomfortable, or even unsafe environments.
Our safety standards allow us to operate on any site.
We keep your site safe and comfortable, you focus on growth.
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Does it Have Fur?

Non-lethal, same-day services for most wildlife conflicts.

Does It Creep You Out?

Services for all insect problems, including non-toxic methods.

How About Feathers?

Industry-leading bird exclusion services backed by science.

Sustainability is Winning in Vancouver

Our clients often find us after trying out the big corporations and experiencing the industry standard. We offer what no one else does; a cheaper, faster, better service that just happens to drive sustainability. Whether you make choices with your ethics or wallet, we've got you covered. Here's how we do it:


We Use Science

We record everything. Not using poison allows us to record population data, hot-spot locations, and use trends to tailor our service to your unique problem. With data, we can ensure we are on the right track, and work steadily towards a meaningful result.

We Have Broad Skillsets

We come from all backgrounds; we're Jacks of all trades. The root problem is rarely simply the presence of a species, it's usually a mix of structural flaws and available resources. A full service can include anything from roof and foundation repairs to landscaping and tree trimming. We are prepared for anything.

We Use Common Sense

Sounds obvious, but our industry is void of common sense. Where our competitors will assess your problem and ask the question "how do I sell a recurring service here?", we ask ourselves "what is the root cause here? Can a permanent result be achieved? What is the holistic approach?"

The Best-Rated Team Around

Our management team consists of scientists, sustainability experts, and wildlife professionals with decades of experience in the industry.

Our technicians are a mix of skilled tradesmen and established pest control professionals.

What ties us together is our company's mission to bring sustainable solutions to wildlife conflicts, disrupt degradative industries, and drive sustainable development wherever possible.

Humane Solutions – Wildlife & Pest Control Icon Humane Solutions – Wildlife & Pest Control

205-1089 West Broadway, Vancouver

4.9 160 reviews

  • Avatar Dan Honeybourne ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    We were experiencing a very active mole in our yard and was looking for someone to come address … More our resident mole. They came within a few days to set out traps and a week later checked the traps and solved the problem. The technician Cameron was friendly and answered all our questions. He was very efficient and left our yard the same way he found it. We will definitely hire this company again in the future. Appreciate the prompt, successful and professional service that was provided.
  • Avatar Russ Leong ★★★★★ a month ago
    Humane Solutions did a great job of Squirrel proofing my house. My initial call was responded … More to within an hour, and all other inquires were responded to promptly and professionally.
    I appreciated the fact that they sent out a technician to investigate the problem and provide a written quote with pictures.
    The work to install squirrel proofing material was done efficiently by two very courteous techs who explained exactly what they were doing.
    The work also came with a guarantee. I highly recommend Humane Solutions for any pest problems.
  • Avatar Deana Holmes ★★★★★ a month ago
    Excellent service. Great, clear communication, quick response times and near instant results. … More Couldn't be happier.

A Mission Beyond Profit

Humane Solutions was founded by Joe Abercrombie in 2016, while he was studying sustainability at the University of British Columbia. Joe recognized that the wildlife and pest control industry is dominated by companies that purposefully neglect root causes in order to convert wildlife conflicts into sources of recurring revenue. Consumers are paying endlessly for services that fail to deliver a meaningful result, and globally, our ecosystems are experiencing unquantifiable and irreparable damage.

Humane Solutions has grown 1000% in the past few years based on a simple model of doing good business and rolling profits into driving awareness and sustainable development.



All of our services are designed to achieve a permanent result, this is what sets us apart. Shaking hands and closing the job is always the end-goal.


Every client gets the same treatment, whether it's a simple one-off job at a house or a high-profile commercial contract. We want our 5-star reviews.


Ethics drive every aspect of our business. From how we treat the species we manage to how we price our jobs, we always consider the impact.

We're Pretty Focused on Rodent Management

And you should be too...

Global food supply consumed or contaminated by rodents
Annual rodent-caused resource loss and control cost in North America
+ Billion
Children hospitalized annually in the US for rodenticide exposure

We're in the News

People are starting to catch onto our model and we are getting attention. We don't love playing the media game, but the more exposure we get, the more people we will be able to divert from companies that seek to profit at their (and the environment's) expense.

Check out our latest publications, and please share if you would like to see our message spread.