A Mission-Based Wildlife Management Company

Humane Solutions is owned, operated, and staffed by scientists, sustainability experts, and skilled tradesmen.

Our mission is to change the wildlife industry and drive sustainable development.

We work to solve your wildlife conflict ethically and permanently, where others seek to turn your wildlife conflict into a source of recurring revenue.

The Best-Rated Company in Western Canada

Our model stands out from our competition. We fix problems permanently instead of relying on ineffective, recurring services. We charge less for the eco-friendly option instead of more. We innovate on the spot instead of forcing archaic, environmentally degradative services.

We are a company for the people and the planet.

Due to this, we have quickly skyrocketed to the top of the review boards, and the market is taking notice. We work with everyone from small property owners to government - and everyone gets the same 5-star treatment.


Meet Our Core Team


Joe Abercrombie

President & Founder

Joe founded Humane Solutions while he was studying environment and sustainability at UBC, having already built an impressive resume in innovative wildlife management strategies.

Joe is an urban beaver and predator specialist, and an outdoorsman at heart. He is currently working on two other innovative, sustainable startups.


Emma Harris

Office Manager | Director of Research & Academic Relations

Emma is an established researcher and wildlife management expert from South Africa. Her research has been published in multiple prestigious scientific journals and Emma has presented her work at conferences around the globe.

Aside from developing our research division, Emma brings her unique, high-level expertise to inform our field practices.


Adrian Nelson

Field Manager | Wildlife Program Manager

Adrian is an internationally recognized wildlife management expert, with a background focused on predator and beaver management. He has spoken at countless wildlife management conferences and has personally trained many businesses and government agencies in beaver management techniques.


Morgana V.


Morgana is our newest administrative staff. With a background in everything from painting and construction to operating dredges, she has diverse knowledge and skill-sets, with which she streamlines our logistical processes.


Elliot W.

Field Technician

Elliot has a technical background in customer service, maintenance, and logistics. His adaptability, creative thinking, and customer relation skills make him an asset on every job.


Ryan G.

Field Technician

Ryan is a BC local and a country boy at heart. He is an extremely hard, determined worker and has a fix for any problem he encounters and has a special affinity for landscaping work.


Dave S.

Field Technician

Dave is an accomplished welder, fabricator, and overall handyman. He works through technical tasks with ease and is always ready to dream up and implement a creative solution for a unique problem.


Ryan L.

Field Technician

Ryan has decades of experience working in the bush, managing wildlife, in project management roles, and even creating intricate sets for high-level film productions. Ryan is a natural leader with an unquestionable work ethic.