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Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife management and pest control services in Vernon, BC. We are Western Canada's leader in sustainable pest management and eco-friendly wildlife control services.

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The industry standard converts wildlife conflicts into sources of recurring revenue, we aim to solve them sustainably.

Driven by Results

First and foremost, our services realize meaningful, long-lasting results. Sustainability is our by-product.

Service Excellence

Sounds cliche, but the customer really does come first. This is how we have quickly amassed the best reviews in our industry.

Industry-Leading Warranties

We are the only company we know of that guarantees against species re-entry, not just workmanship.

Ready for Results?

The most sustainable thing you can do, is do it once.

A full suite of services that span the industry, informed by sustainability enthusiasts from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. No cookie cutter services here, we apply real know-how and skill.

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We have the best reviews in our industry. Go ahead, Google us.

“Humane Solutions was fast, efficient, and friendly. One day's work solved my rodent problem in my attic. I would definitely recommend them. It was also very important to me that the animals were not harmed. They just left the attic and could not get back in.”

“This is the company to hire. After having a disastrous experience with another pest control company, I contacted Humane Solutions. Their response was immediate. In one day they accurately assessed the situation, laid out a plan to get rid of the squirrel in my attic, and successfully completed the job..."

“Excellent service. Great, clear communication, quick response times, and near-instant results. Couldn't be happier.”

Greater Vernon, BC
Sustainable Pest Control & Eco-Friendly Wildlife Company

Vernon is a city in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. The city is named after Forbes Vernon, a former British Columbia MLA. As one of the oldest communities in British Columbia, Vernon's natural beauty has made it one of the most ecologically diverse municipalities in the area. For commercial and residential property owners, pest infestations are present throughout the year in Vernon, BC. Humane Solutions provides eco-friendly wildlife management and pest control services in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas in the metropolitan region. We are Western Canada's leader in sustainable pest management and wildlife control services.

Humane Solutions are Vernon's sustainable pest control and wildlife management professionals. Because we know that pests also damage industries like trade, media, special events, and tourism, it is vital to stay ahead of a potential infestation problem. That is why we have created a set of effective services that mitigate wildlife and pest conflict without recurring poison contracts. We have risen to the top of the pest control industry in a few short years and swept the 2021 pest control business awards.

Many companies offer warranties that sound too good to be true because they are. We're not here to sell you a more expensive product because it's eco-friendly. We're here to help solve your problem.

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