Wildlife living in your home have carefully chosen their space, so how they are removed should also require careful thought – doing your due diligence regarding the reputation and services a wildlife & pest control company offers is one way of finding out who best to use.

When a critter concern is revealed, our auto-response is to panic and want an immediate eviction. The good news is, if wildlife is already in and around your home, taking the time to review companies for the best possible fit will do less damage than going with an immediate or cheapest option.

Here are a few steps to prompt the questions that you didn’t realize you had when trying to find the best wildlife & pest control company in town:


01 Communication    Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

When reaching out to potential companies, are you able to contact them through various lines of communication; and more importantly do they respond promptly and personally to your inquiry? Communication with trained personnel who are courteous and knowledgeable should provide you with the feeling that you have not only been heard, but that your wildlife problem will be effectively attended to while you are supported throughout the process. Conversations and questions should be had to determine the exact problem, the wildlife species you are dealing with and what activity is being noticed or for how long.


02 Service Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

It is essential that you understand the service that is being offered for your particular wildlife problem. Does the company promote eco-friendly options, or do they apply poisons which are harmful for the environment and pose a risk to your family and pets?

Ask the company questions relating to the service – How will it be completed? What is included? Are recurring or follow-up visits required and are these included in the service fee? What are the expected outcomes? If the service is not successful, what then?

Prior to a wildlife or pest control service, a technician should thoroughly inspect your home to understand the extent of the problem. Knowing where, how and why wildlife access homes is an important factor to knowing how to effectively exclude or remove them from the structure.


03 Price  Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

There is truth in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, and often within the wildlife & pest control industry public don’t realize what they are getting.

Ineffective poison applications and less than quality service frequently result from obtaining a cheap quick fix, while structural pest-proofing and physical exclusion may initially incur higher costs, they work out cheaper in the long run as wildlife are prevented from accessing your home.

Should ongoing service be required, request clarification on the paperwork involved. What is included in the contract? What are yours and the company’s respective responsibilities in the process? How frequent are the visits? Can the wildlife be effectively managed quarterly rather than weekly? Are these visits included in the service price? What happens to the visits you have paid for but don’t end up using? What happens to the contract if you no longer need the service? These are all important questions that should have clear answers.

Preference over the lowest price rather than superior value can leave you frustrated and out of pocket due to ineffective options, extended service duration and wildlife problems which still exist or recur soon after the job is done. This will force you to begin the process back at 01 while you search for a new service provider…while those rats continue to enjoy your home.


04 Warranties Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Is the company accountable for their workmanship? A good indicator of this would be the provision of warranties. Make sure you understand what is covered in the warranty, for which species and for how long?

It is equally important to be aware of your responsibilities to ensure that the service is successful, and the warranty remains valid. If you don’t know, ask.


 Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia 05 Transparency

Credibility and accountability say far more about a company’s reputation than the size of its market presence. Does the company have an excellent track record? Read the reviews, speak to your neighbors, check listings, scroll through social media. This background check is especially important with companies that claim to

be ‘green’ or ‘humane’, as they may market what people want to hear but their business model and services don’t hold any water.


06 Affiliations Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia

Reputable businesses realize the value of affiliation not only to third-party bodies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but also to similarly sustainable businesses. No company is willing to showcase or promote professional relationships with those who consistently provide poor-quality low-grade service, unprofessional conduct or unsatisfied customers. Look out for affiliations between trust-worthy businesses – you can get a sense of a company’s integrity by whom it surrounds itself with.


Wondering who to call?

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