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The Sustainable BC Pest Management Station

Handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia by Humane Solutions Inc. These are the same stations we use for our professional contracts and we have made...

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Evaluating Impacts of the BC Ban on SGARs

We break down the BC ban on rodenticides and what it might mean on your property. Opinions from local experts - is the ban enough?

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Join the Fight for a Rodenticide-Free BC

Sign the petition and lend your voice to the ever-growing movement to ban rodenticides in BC. Headed by our friends at Rodenticide Free BC and Defend...


How to Deal With Aggressive Coyotes in BC

A quick how-to on how to deal with aggressive coyotes from the experts at Humane Solutions. Control and consultation services for urban coyotes.

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Putting the Pest Control Industry on Notice

Putting the pest control industry on notice. Humane Solutions has skyrocketed to the top of the industry in just a few short years.


Home DIY Guide for BC Rodent Control

The ultimate guide for do-it-yourself rodent removal, pest-proofing, and trapping. Remove the rats and mice from your home yourself. Call if you need...