Humane Solutions is always innovating, we'll post developments here.

The Fish Lyft

The Fish Lyft is our answer to a serious, ongoing ecological problem; organizations are at odds between salmon and beaver coexistence. We want the ecological benefits from beaver habitats, but the dams are a barrier to migrating fish.

The Fish Lyft is a modular fish ladder system that integrates with our industry-leading beaver pond levellers. The system is equally as effective on a 1' dam as it is on a 20' dam, as scaling up or down just means adding or subtracting boxes.

Please see our video below for the first trial of the Fish Lyft, partnered with the City of Port Moody, and informed by DFO.

Bird Net Curtain

We have developed a heavy-duty and visually appealing retractable netting service. The video is an installation of a system on a gazebo for a high-end property in downtown Vancouver.