With spring time well on its way; wildlife chicks, pups and kits become a regular occurrence even if we don’t always see them! We thought we would give you some guidance should you come across wildlife babies and are unsure as to how to help…or if it is even necessary.

What If I Find An Abandoned Baby Animal?

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The good news is that chances are that they haven’t been orphaned.

Some wildlife parents will leave their young hunkered down in the safety of their nest while they go out to forage. This is particularly true for rabbit kits and deer fawn who will aim to remain hidden, often in plain sight if you know where to look, for hours on end.

Other babies may simply be very active as is often the case with squirrels and seagulls, resulting in them toppling over the edge of their nest and falling to the ground. Should you find either of these species, look around for nest to return them if the parents are not already alerting you to their presence.

Fledgling birds can bring about uncertainty as you may have found one on the ground. As long as there are no obvious signs of injury, or distress such as fluffed up feathers or being immobile; the parents shouldn’t be too far away as they encourage their young to find their feet (and wings) while keeping a close eye on them.

In all these scenarios, you can make a simple difference by keeping high volume activity at bay such as the presence of dogs and children to give the wildlife parents a chance to continue caring for their young.


Injured Wildlife

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Swift ready for release








In the event where wildlife babies or juveniles are found with no parents, are clearly distressed and or injured, your swift action could make a significant difference in their lives.

Contact your local BCSPCA branch or wildlife rehabilitation centers for assistance – a few options in and around Vancouver are Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, Critter Care and Wild ARC.

Wildlife should remain wild.

Although you may be well meaning, please don’t be tempted into wanting to keep and care for wildlife, especially babies.

Wildlife control professionals and trained wildlife rehabilitators are equipped to provide species and age specific care, removal and re-release practices to ensure the animal’s welfare is upheld and ultimately that wildlife remain wild.


Wildlife In Your Home: We Can Help

 Wildlife removal and pest control in Vancouver and the lower mainland, British Columbia


Should you suspect wildlife to be living and raising a family in your home, contact us today – our team at Humane Solutions is experienced, professional and considerate of the animals’ well-being while ensuring your concern is addressed and problem solved.