Concerned About Pest Activity on Your Property?

We have created a tool for renters, owners, and managers to have their pest activity concerns evaluated and validated. The outcome can differ; sometimes you just need advice, or depending on the situation, we often wind up bringing the ANONYMOUS complaint to the property management company or the Ministry of Environment.

Common Reasons for Pest Activity Reports:

  • Pest control company hasn't taken action since the BC ban on rodenticides
  • concerned about pest control practices
  • mistreatment of wildlife
  • health violations
  • dispute between tenant and landlord
  • strata disputes
  • and more

Need Some Facts?

Do I have rats or mice?

Mice are very small, usually just bigger than your thumb and their droppings are the size of a grain of rice. 

Rats are usually much bigger than mice and their droppings range from the size of a tic-tac to a jelly bean and beyond.


Why not poison?

It doesn't work, really it's that simple. 

Find info on why it is such a problem outside of rat control here.

Is switching from my provider a hassle?

Not likely. Most pest control contracts are extremely simple documents and have a set scope for the service. When presented with the correct information, most companies will allow customers to exit their monthly subscriptions. 

We developed the Pest Impact Strategy Audit to help with this very situation.

When do I see results?

Most of our clients experience overnight, permanent results for structural rat control services and an immediate improvement for exterior rat management.  

Times are changing, and so should your pest management.