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Fast, Effective Treatments

Need your ants dealt with in a hurry? Most of our customers express urgency when inquiring about our ant services. We have dedicated insect technicians who are always on the move and can squeeze in a quick ant extermination. We take pride in being able to quickly book our clients, and solve their ant infestation for good.

Long- Lasting Results

Our technicians are expertly trained and we maintain the highest level of service standard and work ethic. All our services are designed to achieve a fast, eco-friendly, and long-lasting result. Don't fall for recurring services - most infestations do not require them. Call us today for a long-lasting result.

Discounted Service Plans

Large properties and businesses that require ongoing and treatments will benefit from our industry-leading discount program. Property managers, larger institutions, and food-service businesses can save thousands every year from combining services, and subsequently achieve long-term results.

We Provide Immediate, Meaningful Results

We aim to solve your problem as quickly as we can, shake hands and go our separate ways.

We have found that reputation, loyal customers, and volume outpaces the industry-standard model of pushing recurring, ineffective services. Plus, it's ethical.


Identify the Root Cause

Our first step is always to assess the situation and look for the root cause. Control methods are useful, but results are temporary if the factors perpetuating the problem are not addressed first.

Customize Service to Achieve a Long-Term Result

We work as a team to develop a cost-effective approach that aims to mitigate the root cause, remove the problem individuals, and prevent future problems all in one comprehensive service.

Execute With Care and Follow-Up

Our technicians are highly skilled and are mandated to approach every job meticulously. Following the initial service, we are in frequent contact and follow-up regularly to ensure success.

Chemical Treatments

We are always on the cutting-edge of pest control science and methodology. Our technicians are equipped with the products and know-how to ensure your service is fast, effective, and most importantly, safe for your family and pets.

Our ant control technicians are licensed, expertly trained, and operate under our industry-leading safety protocols and standard operating procedures. You won't find this service anywhere else!

Ant Removal Vancouver, BC
Eco-Friendly Ant Control - Vancouver, BC

Alternative Ant Methods

Ant control shouldn't be limited to just chemical treatments. The ants took hold because of available resources such as food and habitat. In many cases, neglecting to address the available resources will effectively make chemical treatments a temporary fix.

We specialize in identifying available resources and even ant-proofing some structures. When possible, these methods produce long-lasting, eco-friendly, systemic results.

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"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K

"Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, excellent. Solved my unknown critter problem, removed and blocked it from being able to re-enter the house. Was able to set up a next-day appointment. Good communication. Thanks!!!!"

Trish D.

"The crew came on time and did a good job. The follow up process was also very good, Overall the company did an excellent job in solving our problem. I would recommend to all of my friends if they need a wildlife control in their homes."

Allen L.

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Carpenter Ant Control - Vancouver, BC

Appearance: Carpenter ants are typically reddish black in colour, and approximately 1.5cm - making them larger than most other species.

Habitat: Carpenter ants prefer to build their nests inside of damp, soft, and even rotting wood. They create multiple nests consisting of large galleries and intricate tunnels. They are also known to hollow out sections of trees.

Threat: Carpenter ants are known for severe property damage, as they weaken wood structures to expand their population and nest networks. Carpenter ant damage can require significant renovation following extermination services, so it's best to hire a professional as soon as you notice them on your property.