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Humane Bat Removal

We can quickly remove bats from your property using humane and eco-friendly one-way bat cones. As bats breed in the Summer, colonies can only be evicted in the Fall once all of the young are old enough to fly. At that point, they all leave at once and self-relocate.

Expert Bat Proofing

We are the local leaders in effective bat pest-proofing. If bats are in your structure, it will literally be a never-ending problem until the bat accesses are permanently pest-proofed. We use simple techniques to quickly bat-proof any structure.

Working With Bats

When bats aren't creating a safety or health hazard in an inhabited structure, their presence on your property can be invaluable. Bats have a bad rep, but they are integral to a healthy eco-system. Let us install bat houses on your property, and experience fewer bugs and more nature.

We Provide Permanent, Meaningful Results

We aim to solve your problem as quickly as we can, shake hands and go our separate ways.

We have found that reputation, loyal customers, and volume outpaces the industry-standard model of pushing recurring, ineffective services. Plus, it's ethical.


Identify the Root Cause

Our first step is always to assess the situation and look for the root cause. Control methods are useful, but results are temporary if the factors perpetuating the problem are not addressed first.

Customize Service to Achieve a Permanent Result

We work as a team to develop a cost-effective approach that aims to mitigate the root cause, remove the problem individuals, and prevent future problems all in one comprehensive service.

Execute With Care and Follow-Up

Our technicians are highly skilled and are mandated to approach every job meticulously. Following the initial service, we are in frequent contact and follow-up regularly to ensure success.

Why Are Bats In My Attic?

Bats will live wherever they can find suitable roosting habitat, as long as there is also sufficient foraging nearby. Attics are perfect for bats; they are warm, secure, and humans don't typically go up there!

It can be difficult to catch on to a bat infestation before it becomes a serious problem. Bat guano builds up quickly and can lead to a significant health concern, as well as a large cost for cleanup. Additionally, approximately 13% of bats in BC carry rabies, which can be passed on to people and pets in rare cases.

Best Bat Removal - Vancouver, BC
Bat Removal and Control - Vancouver, BC

Some Bat Facts

  • bats are the only mammal that truly flies
  • BC has the greatest diversity of bats in Canada
  • bats use a lot of energy to fly, beating their wings up to 1000 times per minute
  • bats rarely carry rabies and will eventually become sick and die once contracted - the window for cross-contamination is relatively small
  • bats are not rodents
  • bats are protected under the BC Wildlife Act
  • an estimated 6 million bats have died since the introduction of fungus causing "White Nose Syndrom"
  • half of BC's bat species are listed as vulnerable or threatened

What Can Bats Do For Me?

Bats are an essential component of healthy ecosystems and provide important control of agricultural and forest insect pests as well as flying insect populations. Over half of the 16 bat species in British Columbia are considered to be “at risk” due to habitat loss and degradation, intentional extermination, wind turbines, pollution, climate change, and White‐nose syndrome (WNS), a devastating disease that is decimating bat populations in the eastern parts of North America.

A bat house is a great way to enhance habitat for bats in your backyard. Many people want bats because they want to promote backyard biodiversity or help control insects (particularly mosquitoes). Some people install bat houses in coordination with evicting bats from a building so that the bats will have an alternative roost site and the eviction will be more successful. Although bat houses do not provide the same opportunities as natural roost structures for bats, they are still an excellent option for increasing summer roosting habitat where these features are limited or where bats are already in a human‐made roost.

Bat Box Installation - Humane Solutions

The Best-Rated Bat Management Company

"Humane Solutions is a company that truly cares about its customers and their wildlife concerns. They are a solutions based company that works hard to fix problems without the use of nasty poisons or other ineffective, unsafe, methods. They provided me prompt service and worked to seal off my building keeping persistent rodents out.
Well done! Thank you for your hard work!"

Quinn K

"Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, excellent. Solved my unknown critter problem, removed and blocked it from being able to re-enter the house. Was able to set up a next-day appointment. Good communication. Thanks!!!!"

Trish D.

"The crew came on time and did a good job. The follow up process was also very good, Overall the company did an excellent job in solving our problem. I would recommend to all of my friends if they need a wildlife control in their homes."

Allen L.

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