Award-winning bird control services

Sustainable, results-driven methodology. Maybe most important - fair pricing. We import our own materials in order to keep costs down for you.


We're bringing bird control back down to reality 

Bird management services are one of the most inflated in our industry. The cost of exclusion materials like spikes and nets are marked up >1000% and labour services are practically designed to fail - converting your conflict to a source of recurring revenue. We are constantly working to improve our results and bring prices down for our clients.

  • Structural Exclusion

  • Exterior Management & Hazing

  • Cleanup Services

Spiking, netting, shock tracks, lasers, and more.

I think we all know scaring birds doesn't work very well. We are experts with all bird control methods, materials, and equipment, and can even design custom products for your unique bird management situation. 

"Well, I can't net off a whole field"

We hear it all the time. We get it. Farms, landfills, airports... it's endless. You need a holistic approach that takes in all of the variables, from resource availability to habitat management. This is a better use of money than temporary solutions like intermittent falconry, for example.

Yes, we do the droppings too.

Bird activity progressing into a bird mess is often what motivates our customers to reach out for help. We take care of everything from removing the birds, cleaning and sanitizing the area, and preventing them from returning.

By importing our own materials to building our own rope access division, we are proving bird control doesn't have to break the bank or drag on for months.




Sustainable Bird Control Really Does Work

“They helped us move some pigeon nests, and put up some wire to prevent pigeons from building new nests. They are always professional and on time”

“I had called another highly rated company but was not comfortable with the option they provided. I'm so glad I kept looking and called Humane Solutions! Thank you for the wonderful service, and for helping us return to our normal life so quickly. We really appreciate it.”

“Our strata is very happy to have worked with Humane Solutions for the first time. Everyone was very pleasant to work with, friendly and professional, responsive, and on time. We'll definitely be keeping them in our contacts should we need these types of services again.”

Bird control services designed to make the most of your money.

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Installing Bird Spikes On Commercial Roof

Effective Bird Spiking

We use high-quality stainless steel spikes. We quote transparently, we only spike what needs spiking, and we install them with care.

Expert Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of our specialties. Our technicians are some of the best around, our services are informed by a leading bird researcher - Emma. Beyond standard services, we have already brought multiple new-to-industry netting solutions to the market, including modular magnetic netting which is to be implemented on Vancouver's Iron Workers' Memorial Bridge


Pigeons on your balcony?

We specialize in innovative, non-invasive netting solutions to keep wildlife out of your favourite place.

Options for clear netting, balcony cleanups, netting curtains and more.

Let's get those birds back in the friend zone

Humane Solutions Owl Release Video

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