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A skilled approach to integrated pest management strategies that focuses on the root cause. Humane Solutions does not use rodenticides, we are not your typical pest management company.

Pests don't magically appear in your space just because you have crumbs behind your stove, or you don't store food in bins. Most species exploit common structural flaws to gain access to structures. Similarly, extreme exterior populations are often due to available resources and ideal habitat.

Professional Pest Management Starts With Humane Solutions

Following a decades-long collaborative effort between Canadian humanitarian and research agencies, the most recent pesticide regulation went into effect in July 2021 in British Columbia. The second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide ban imparts more regulation on who can buy, use, and distribute pesticides, while also implementing regulations on disposal and record-keeping of rodenticide. 

This most recent regulation was put in place after residents throughout Vancouver and British Columbia voiced their concerns about harmful chemical extermination products and their effects on the surrounding wildlife. While some industry professionals are exempt from the rodenticide ban, it is meant to be a last resort in extermination for even those that are exempt.

1. We exclude access points.
2. Install a one-way door.
3. They leave in one night.

Rat OWD trim
  • Structural Removal

  • Exterior Management

  • Legitimate Warranties

24-hour structural removal using one-way doors

On average, it takes one of our techs an afternoon to pest-proof a home and install one-way doors on the active wildlife access points. As mammals must leave the structure every night for food and water, the individuals usually exit through the doors and are effectively locked outside. The result is literally overnight.

This is mainly for species rat-sized and up, as they can leave themselves. Mice and insects take a little longer following the pest-proofing.

Poison-free rodent control using humane traps

Want to know why pest control companies sell poison instead of traps? Money.

Trapping requires more time on site, it empowers the customer to request catch numbers, and it is often too effective to justify a long-term contract (ie. source of revenue). 

The industry sells you poison to convert your wildlife conflict into a source of recurring revenue. We help our clients resolve unintended conflicts with wildlife, sustainably.  

We guarantee your problem is solved

You called us because there is a rat in your space (or what have you), and that is what we warranty.

Many companies offer warranties that sound too good to be true, because they are. If the rat doesn't chew back in his old hole - which they claim to have fixed - then they claim it is a new point of entry and thus a new service, making your warranty inapplicable.

We don't care where they get in, we keep them out. 

Let us worry about your pest management strategy.


We have the best reviews in our industry. Go ahead, Google us.

“Humane Solutions was fast, efficient, and friendly. One day's work solved my rodent problem in my attic. I would definitely recommend them. It was also very important to me that the animals were not harmed. They just left the attic and could not get back in.”

“This is the company to hire. After having a disastrous experience with another pest control company, I contacted Humane Solutions. Their response was immediate. In one day they accurately assessed the situation, laid out a plan to get rid of the squirrel in my attic, and successfully completed the job..."

“Excellent service. Great, clear communication, quick response times, and near-instant results. Couldn't be happier.”

We're not here to sell you a more expensive product because it's eco-friendly. We're here to help solve your problem.

In 2002, Heath Canada released the Pest Control Products Act in an attempt to regulate inhumane practices against pests and provide a standard for extinction across Canada. Regulations have developed over the years and Canada has taken measures to adequately research and inform the public about sustainable wildlife management practices.

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