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Rat Control & Rodent Removal Services

Humane Solutions provides Poison-Free Rodent, Mouse, and Rat Control Services with guaranteed results. We take a skilled approach to focus on the root cause of your rodent problem.

We are proudly serving communities in the Okanagan area, Greater Vancouver, and the Islands in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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Rodent Control Starts With Us

If you think you have a mice or rat problem, you may have noticed noises at night, found little droppings and urine stains, or saw tiny bite marks around your property.

Rodents, like mice and rats, are often nocturnal. Their activities usually occur in low-visibility conditions. Rodents do not magically appear in your space just because you have crumbs behind your stove; they often exploit common structural flaws to gain access to structures for shelter and food.

Similarly, extreme exterior rat and mouse populations are also due to available resources and ideal habitat.

Our Rodent and Rat Control Process Is Simple:

  1. Exclude access points for rats and rodents.

  2. Install a one-way door for rats and rodents.

  3. Rats and rodents leave in one night.

Additionally, we can help you to remove potential shelters, food sources, and block possible access points into your property to prevent future rodent issues.

Rodents can also chew, or squeeze, their way into some properties. To keep them out, we also inspect and seal the building for cracks and holes in the floors, walls, roof, or foundations.

Mice and rats can reproduce quickly. If you spot signs of a potential rodent infestation, you should act fast to minimize potential property damage and mitigate health and safety concerns.


Let's get your rodent management issues under control.

  • Structural Removal

  • Exterior Management

  • Legitimate Warranties

24-Hour Structural Removal Using One-Way Doors

On average, it takes one of our techs an afternoon to pest-proof a home and installs one-way doors on the active rodent and rat access points.

As rodents and rats must leave the structure every night for food and water, the colony exits through the doors and is effectively locked outside. The results are overnight.

Poison-Free Rodent & Rat Control Using Humane Traps

Want to know why pest control companies sell poison instead of traps? Money.

Trapping requires more time on site, it empowers the customer to request catch numbers, and it is often too effective to justify a long-term contract (i.e. a source of revenue). 

The industry sells you poison to convert your wildlife conflict into a source of recurring revenue. We help our clients resolve unintended disputes with wildlife sustainably.

We Guarantee Your Problem Is Solved

You called us because there is a rodent on your property or in your living space, which is what we warranty.

Many companies offer warranties that sound too good to be true because they are. If the rat doesn't chew back into the old hole - which they claim to have fixed - then they claim it is a new point of entry and thus a new service, making your warranty inapplicable.

We don't care where they get in. We keep rodents out.

Ready for Results?

The most sustainable thing you can do, is do it once.

A full suite of services that span the industry, informed by sustainability enthusiasts from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. No cookie cutter services here, we apply real know-how and skill.

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How Can We Help?


We have the best reviews in our industry. Go ahead, Google us.

“Humane Solutions was fast, efficient, and friendly. One day's work solved my rodent problem in my attic. I would definitely recommend them. It was also very important to me that the animals were not harmed. They just left the attic and could not get back in.”

“This is the company to hire. After having a disastrous experience with another pest control company, I contacted Humane Solutions. Their response was immediate. In one day they accurately assessed the situation, laid out a plan to get rid of the squirrel in my attic, and successfully completed the job..."

“Excellent service. Great, clear communication, quick response times, and near-instant results. Couldn't be happier.”

Common Property Damage From Rodents

If left untreated, rodents such as rats and mice can cause damage to your residence or property. Some of the most common property damage due to rodents include insulation, siding, wallboard damage, electrical fires due to wiring, and health and safety concerns due to rodent droppings and the potential for rats and mice to transmit bacteria and disease.

British Columbia’s Ban on Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides

As of July 21, 2021, a controversial 18-month ban on second-generation rodenticides was enacted by British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment without extending forewarning to pest control companies and other affected industries. The move has been received as bold and met with polarizing opinions from industry and the public. 

In retrospect, the ban has been in the works for a while. Local organizations such as the OWL Rehabilitation Society and grassroots movements such as Rodenticide Free BC have been collecting data on the use of rodenticides and lobbying the government for years.  

Broadly, the ban was driven by two main factors:

  1. There is little evidence proving rodenticides have a meaningful and long-term impact on micro and macro-rodenticide populations and their associated problems.  
  2. There is mounting evidence of the environmental degradation caused by the mass use of rodenticides.  

While the order is in place, the Ministry conducts a scientific review to make recommendations for future use of SGARs in B.C.

Rodent Control Resources in Vancouver, BC

If the property affected by a potential rodent infestation is located in Vancouver, BC, you may have access to the city’s resources to help you resolve your problem. If you are experiencing rodent or rat control issues in your Vancouver home as a tenant, you are advised to contact your landlord, and if they do not provide help or assistance, please call 3-1-1 to get in touch with the city of Vancouver. If you experience or witness rodent issues in or near restaurants, grocery stores, or businesses that handle food, please call Vancouver Coastal Health at 604-736-2033.

Suppose you are experiencing rodents, mice, or rat control problems in Vancouver as a property landlord. In that case, you are advised to contact a Vancouver pest control company like Humane Solutions to help you resolve your issue. If you witness rodents, mice, or rat control problems that directly affect Vancouver city property or city parks, please phone 3-1-1 to get in touch with the city of Vancouver.

Contact us for a Sustainable Pest Control Company that serves Greater Vancouver, the Okanagan Region, and the Islands.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

Do I have rats or mice?

Mice are very small, usually just bigger than your thumb and their droppings are the size of a grain of rice. 

Rats are usually much bigger than mice and their droppings range from the size of a tic-tac to a jelly bean and beyond.

Why do you not use poison for rodent control?

It doesn't work, really it's that simple. 

Find info on why it is such a problem outside of rat control here.

Is switching from my provider a hassle?

Nope. You have likely purchased your stations and their contracts typically don't hold water. Simply call them and state you won't tolerate poison on your property and if they can't provide an equal trapping alternative, you don't want their services. Usually, they pull you from the route and leave the equipment for us to deal with. 

This works most of the time. We're here to help at any point.

When do I see results?

Most of our clients experience overnight, permanent results for structural rat control and rodent control services, and an immediate improvement for exterior rodent management jobs.

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