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We are Western Canada's leader in sustainable beaver management and control services. Innovative, eco-friendly methods designed to stop the stress and damage.

award winning beaver control services

We’re Bringing Beaver Control Into the 21st Century

Current beaver control standards are archaic and do not consider recent research and success stories by municipalities and private actors across North America. Instead of endlessly pulling dams and trapping, we look for strategies to make your money work in the long run. Often, it's through co-existence.

  • Dam Removal & Flow Control

  • Management & Control

  • Beaver Co-Existence

Expert beaver dam removal and flow control

We pull dams with machines or even with waders and pickaxes when powered equipment can't reach the site. Beyond that, we are the industry-leaders in innovative, long-lasting beaver flow control devices.

Trapping, exclusion, ongoing management, and more.

We have an answer for any of your beaver problems, and we can absolutely help you to realize a non-lethal, mutually beneficial result. 

Live with them, reap the benefits.

Beavers have a bad rep and people just don't know how to deal with them. For instance, many people call us because they are concerned about their water, and beaver activity makes it volatile. The standard is to remove the beavers, but allowing beavers to step dam your water channel and installing flow control devices will ensure the water moves a little slower through your property, never dries up, and never floods. 

Beavers manage water for you.

Humane Solutions is the leading installer of Beaver Institute Pond Levellers, and follow all guidelines and best-practices of the Beaver Institute.

Beaver dams can cause significant property damage, health or safety issues for individual properties or entire communities, as well as disrupt crucial public services and industrial activities. While this may sometimes be the case, the reality is that beavers are also creating valuable habitat and offering an abundance of valuable ecosystem services.

Using flow control devices to manage water levels and exclusion methods to limit property damage is by far the most economical, humane, and long-term method for managing a beaver population. Co-existing with beavers is rewarding and ecologically beneficial, while ongoing trapping programs without a long-term strategy are inhumane and ultimately expensive and ineffective.

Coexisting with beavers can save up to 45% per year, per site.

Beaver Exclusion Fencing

Exclusion fencing is a simple and effective way of keeping beavers from plugging up culverts, bridges, weirs, and other drainage infrastructure. Essentially, it creates a barrier that does not allow beavers access to the area and is built in such a way to discourage damming. These devices are built on-site and custom-fitted to each location. They provide years of trouble-free drainage with minimal maintenance.

Worried about salmon and beaver co-existence? So are we. We were sick of beavers being killed because people think salmon don't navigate beaver dams, so we came up with another humane solution.

beaver exclusion fence installation
humane solutions team installing a beaver flow control device

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