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Coexisting with Beavers

Society is starting to understand the vast ecological benefits beavers have to offer. Beaver habitats protect from drought, recharge aquifers, create invaluable habitat, and act as carbon sinks and natural fire breaks.

Flow Control Services

When water levels are the only concern, leaving beavers onsite and installing flow control devices has been proven to be up to 45% cheaper per site, per year. In this situation, the sustainable choice is the most economic.

Beaver Tree Protection

Beavers are actually great neighbours once you mitigate the typical problems. Once water levels are stabilized and the trees are wrapped, you will enjoy watching the ecosystem flourish.

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Identify the Root Cause

Our first step is always to assess the situation and look for the root cause. Control methods are useful, but results are temporary if the factors perpetuating the problem are not addressed first.

Customize Service to Achieve a Permanent Result

We work as a team to develop a cost-effective approach that aims to mitigate the root cause, remove the problem individuals, and prevent future problems all in one comprehensive service.

Execute With Care and Follow-Up

Our technicians are highly skilled and are mandated to approach every job meticulously. Following the initial service, we are in frequent contact and follow-up regularly to ensure success.

Canada's Premier Installer of the Beaver Insitute Flexible Pond Leveler™

Humane Solutions is the leading installer of Beaver Institute Pond Levellers, and follow all guidelines and best-practices of the Beaver Institute.

Beaver dams can cause significant property, health, or safety issues for individual properties or entire communities, as well as disrupt crucial public services and industrial activities. While this may sometimes be the case, the reality is that beavers are also creating valuable habitat and offering an abundance of valuable ecosystem services.

Using flow control devices to manage water levels and exclusion methods to limit property damage is by far the most economical, humane, and long-term method for managing a beaver population. Co-existing with beavers is rewarding and ecologically beneficial, while ongoing trapping programs without a long-term strategy are inhumane and ultimately expensive and ineffective.

Coexisting with beavers can save up to 45% per year, per site.

Beaver Flow Control Device - BC, Canada
Beaver Flow Control Pond Leveler Diagram
Beaver Exclusion Fence Installation - Vancouver, BC

Expert Beaver Exclusion Fencing Services

Exclusion fencing is a simple and effective way of keeping beavers from plugging up culverts, bridges, weirs, and other drainage infrastructure. Essentially, it creates a barrier that does not allow beavers access to the area and is built in such a way to discourage damming. These devices are built on-site and custom-fitted to each location. They provide years of trouble-free drainage with minimal maintenance.

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